Who are we?

VSNEG (Voluntary Sector North East Glasgow) Network came about as a result of a merger between the Voluntary and Community Organisation Support Network (VCOSN) and East Centre and Calton Voluntary Sectors in 2009 to provide a forum for local organisations to share best practice and provide each other with support. The area we cover is the East Centre, Calton and Baillieston, Shettleston and Greater Easterhouse Local Community Planning Partnership (LCPP) areas.

Who's it for

The Network represents over 100 voluntary organisations across the East Community Planning Partnership (CPP) area. The Network is now officially recognised by both the LCPPs and the East Community Health Care Partnership (CHCP) as the route with which to engage with the voluntary sector in the East of Glasgow. Elections for voluntary sector representatives on the CPP, CHCP and Area coordinating Group (ACG) boards are now organised through the Network and much of it's work is now concerned with supporting organisations to work and engage with Community Planning and the CHCP. As a result of the relationship the Network has with these bodies a large amount of information is passed to the Network to be distributed amounst it's members. In addition to this the Network is also taking on the responsibility of ensuring voluntary sector representation at all the major community planning tables. Feedback from these meetings by representatives to members is absolutely crucial to the Networks success and the value that is attached to it by it's members. Within the wider context of the voluntary sector the Network still works to provide a capacity building service by providing support and information in areas of interest to all it's members, for example funding and new policies. It also organises training and regularly hosts information sharing events which are not just for voluntary sector members but also for our members of our wider partnership.

Our aims and Objectives

  • bring together and unite all voluntary and community organisations in the above areas to work in partnership
  • promote networking among VSNEG membership and ensure that the network is approachable and open
  • provide support and engagement between the membership of VSNEG and the LCPP board, the ACG and any other partnerships companies or organisations deemed appropriate

What we do

VSNEG has certain powers; it can elect a voluntary sector member to sit on the LCPP for East Centre & Calton and Baillieston, Shettleston & Greater Easterhouse boards and thematic groups as appropriate and also a substitute to take the place of the elected member if he/she is unavailable. We can bring together in conference and work in liaison with representatives of Voluntary Associations, Government departments, local and other statutory authorities and individuals and take out membership of such organisations as are considered to be in the interests of and compatible with the objects of VSNEG. VSNEG can promote and carry our research, surveys and investigations and where appropriate publish results and arrange and provide exhibitions, meetings, lectures, classes, seminars and training courses. We can help provide and distribute all kinds of information materials such as leaflets and posters. VSEG can also help in raising funds.

How to join

Membership of VSNEG is open to all voluntary organisations, community and faith groups. Use the joining form or phone us on 0141 781 2146.

Our structure

Any decisions or actions taken on behalf of VSEG, will be by consensus. Where a consensus is not reached, decisions will be taken by a simple majority vote of members present and entitled to vote. In the event of equality of votes, the Chair shall have the casting vote.

You can see our structure below: